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SWEA San Diego’s history


The first board of SWEA San Diego

In August 1980 a meeting was hosted at the newly opened Café Opera in Stockholm where Princess Christina, Fru Magnusson, accepted the title of SWEA’s honorary president. At this meeting was among others Agneta Nilsson and Katta Bonde.

The Los Angeles chapter had already started in 1979 and in 1980 the Orange County chapter was formed. Anne-Marie Kocherga was at SWEA Orange County’s very first meeting. She was then new to San Diego and wanted to get a circle of friends, which is why she participated in many monthly meetings in both Los Angeles and Orange County. Anne-Marie already knew Agneta Nilsson from growing up in Stockholm..

Anne-Marie came in contact with Katta and Ulla Brown through Agneta. Here came the idea of forming a San Diego chapter. The four (Agneta, Anne-Marie, Katta, and Ulla) met at Hotel Del Coronado over a lunch to plan how this would go. 15 Swedes congregated at some meetings and SWEA San Diego’s first board was formed in May of 1981. The first meeting for members was held in the House of Sweden in Balboa Park and Kerstin Warschewsky was SWEA San Diego’s first paying member.