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From: Maile Nilsson DSC00188
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 9:04 AM
To: Katarina von Kantzow Cape
Subject: Re: SWEA Scholarship


Hejsan Katarina!!

I have been having such a fantastic time here in Sweden. I have really
been enjoying the classes I am enrolled in this semester: Swedish Social
Policy, Swedish Politics, and Swedish Music in Contemporary Culture. I
already received my grade for the Swedish Social Policy class and am very
happy to report I earned an A!! I recently submitted my top class choices
for next semester and can’t wait to find out which ones I will get into.
I live in a dorm room with 18 other students, 12 of whom are Swedish. We
regularly hangout, make dinner, and study together in the common area. We
really enjoy comparing life in Sweden to life in America and other
countries. My corridor mates are some of my best friends here in Lund. I
have become involved in a student social club called Lunds Nation. The
Nation hosts activities every day in the form of lunches, night clubs,
dinners, brunches, sport & cultural events. I have gotten to play soccer
with other students, and have worked in the kitchen cooking for the
lunches and dinners the Nation hosts. It has given me a chance to have a
lot of fun while meeting other Swedish and international students.
Lund is a beautiful city, with quiet streets and kind people. My favorite
place in the city is the botaniska trädgården, when the sun was out I
loved to hangout here on my blanket and admire all the beautiful flowers.
Now that it has gotten colder I enjoy going inside the greenhouse to see
the tropical plants and palms that remind me of home. I have been enjoying
taking weekend and day trips around Sweden when I do not have classes. My
favorite activity to do in Sweden is hike around the national parks, the
forests are so beautiful here. I was also just in Stockholm and got to
experience snow falling on me for the first time!! The weather here in
Skåne is very different from back home, there has been snow and quite a
bit of rain. I’m glad I bought some thick jackets before coming, the
“jackets” I used to wear in San Diego when it got “cold” definitely aren’t
cutting it.
My time here is flying by! I am so thankful to have another semester after
this one. Although “fall” (it feels like winter to me!!) has just started
I cannot wait to see springtime in Sweden.

Please feel free to forward this information on to any of the other SWEA
members, or edit it to be shorter. I would love for them all to know what
a wonderful time I’m having here, thanks to their generosity and the SWEA

Thank you very much for the reminder about emailing Cecilia, I just sent
her my information.

Please let me know if there is any other information you would like and
thanks again for everything.

Hejdå för nu!
Maile Nilsson